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Bookmarklet Streams Any HTML5 Video Over Airplay

Airplay bookmarklet
Got an iPad? Got an Apple TV? Wish you could flick web videos from one to the other? Well now you can.
Well, depending on a few things. The video has to be on the web in the first as an HTML5 object, and your iDevices have to be running iOS 4.3.
Assuming you meet those requirements, go and grab Ben Dodson’s bookmarklet. Next time you’ve browsed to a page with HTML5 video on it, tap the bookmarklet and the video will re-load, ready to be streamed via Airplay to any compatible machine.
Here’s a quick video that shows it in action:
Not sure what a bookmarklet is? It’s like a bookmark, but instead of telling your browser to go to a particular page, it tells your browser to do something with the page you’re already looking at. There are bookmarklets for all kinds of things – they used to be much more fashionable before browser extensions came along. I still use lots of them. If you want to explore some more, I suggest you start here.