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Boxee to Get ‘Huge Browser Update’, iPad App That Streams to TV

Boxee is set to deliver a ‘huge browser update’ that will improve speed and increase compatibility with websites by the end of March, according to a TechAU report. The information comes via comments made by VP of Marketing Andrew Kippen during Episode 118 of the TechWebcast podcast.

Previously un-announced publicly, Boxee [1.05] will include a ‘a huge browser update’. The update will dramatically improve the browser speed (browser launch time, page load times), as well as increasing compatibility with websites, particularly flash-enabled content. Expect better format support for HTML5 and CSS3 standard.

Boxee will also be releasing an iPad app that streams to your TV.

Another big announcement is that there’ll also be an iPad app for Boxee that allows you to stream content to your TV, via Boxee Box. Effectively they just announced Boxee Box will have AirPlay support! The Boxee app for iPad will also allow you to see what your friends are watching, similar to the Friends shared videos section on Boxee Box.

Engadget confirmed that the update will be version 1.05 and that the iPad app will be compatible with both the first and second generation tablets.