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Broken iOS gadgets net more bucks on eBay in celebration of Earth Month

Your broken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad may fetch higher prices on eBay submitted through their instant-sale program. The auctioning site says it’ll increase the amount of money paid for broken iOS gadgets throughout April in celebration of Earth Month. Exactly how much, you ask. Read on…
Expect up to $150 for smashed iPads and $100 for broken iPhones. Damaged iPads will net only $50. In addition to these sums, eBay will also give you a $5 gift card and donate five bucks to environmental organization Global Green USA. The Wall Street Journal blog explains:
EBay said that through April 30, customers who submit their broken iPods, iPhones and iPads through its instant-sale program will get limited-time pricing for those items in celebration of Earth Month.