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CineTap brings a great Netflix frontend to the iPad

CineTap for Netflix
 (US $0.99) is the newest and nicest Netflix management app I’ve seen so far. It won’t replace the Netflix 
app, since you still need to have that installed to instantly watch movies. But CineTap adds some great features to the experience that the Netflix app doesn’t include. The app is amazingly fast and absolutely gorgeous, taking full advantage of the iPad‘s screen real estate. Instead of lists, it uses posters to represent movies that can be scrolled left or right, or if you tap the Show Allbutton, the line expands to fill the screen with posters that can then be scrolled up or down. InShow All mode, you’ll see 20 posters plus a navigation bar in landscape mode, or 25 poster in portrait mode with an optional navigation bar that covers up some of the posters, which is no big deal since it’s easily dismissed.