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Companies Love The iPad, But Don’t Know What To Do With It

Photo by Chewy Chua – http://flic.kr/p/24er2M
Tablets are the new must-have device for the cubicle crowd. Trouble is, once that shiny iPad is in their hands, most suits treat tablets like oversized smartphones.
Although tablets – 83 percent of them iPads – are being handed out in corporate suites like Wall Street bonuses, just half of companies surveyed by Digital Research said they had any plan. So, what are these $500-a-pop devices being used for? Maybe teleconferencing? Perhaps number-crunching? No, wait – stress relief?
Shuffling paper and helping road warriors is the most common use for tablets. Yes, all the power that an iPad provides and the devices are used for things more suitable for a smartphone or cheap netbook. A little like giving out Ferrari’s for city driving, don’t you think? Hopefully, companies will get a clue and make use of all that horsepower that iPad offers.