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Could The iPad 3 Use The Third Dimension Of Pressure?

When we talk about 3D when it comes to displays, the third dimension we’re talking about is a z-axis popping out at you, a la the Nintendo 3DS. But when we talk about the possibility of a 3D iPad, or a 3D iPhone, or any other 3D touchscreen device, why are we talking about Apple adding a superfluous visualdimension when we can be talking about adding a very real tactile dimension to the same device?
In other words, when you poke an icon on iOS, what’s more important: for it to float off the screen, or for it to feel like you pressed something physical, and not ephemeral. That’s just the problem that Peratech is working on, and with its QTC (Quantum Tunneling Composite) Clear, it’s come up with an invention that any Apple fan can excited about: a force-sensitive touchscreen that allows users to apply the third-dimension of pressure.
What does that mean? Think of painters being able to apply pressure to the strokes of their virtual brushes, or on-screen game controls that were truly analogue.
Best of all, Peratech’s tech can be used not only to replace resistive touchscreens (think: stylys-based) but also to supplement capacitive ones, like the iPad’s. And since the touchscreen is only between 6-8 microns thick and the panels draws almost no current, it ‘s a good fit for iOS’s line-up.
[via Gadget Lab]