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Daily App: Notability

We’ve looked at a few good note-taking applications for the iPad before, but I don’t think we’ve mentioned Notability yet. Notability is a simple yet powerful note-taking app for iPad that allows you to jot down notes in lectures or meetings, outline certain ideas and plans, or just collect your thoughts in an organized format. It’s a piece of cake to punch in text in a certain font or layout, then add all kinds of media, from web clips to diagrams. You can link up audio to your notes, even connecting text to sound with a clickable link. When your notes are saved, you can sync them off to Dropbox or iDisk, or you can email them off to another computer to work on elsewhere.
We’ve recommended Simplenote in the past (and its free price tag is probably one reason for its popularity), but I like the look of Notability as well. At its current iPad 2 launch sale price of just US$0.99, it’s definitely worth a download if you’re looking for another option for note-taking on Apple’s tablet.