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Daily App: Plectrum

Miso Music’s Plectrum isn’t a game — it’s a full-fledged guitar playing and learning tool, now available on the App Store. Plectrum has already picked up some accolades from our brethren at TechCrunch. It just recently became available to the public, and for US$2.99, you can check it out for yourself.
The big selling point for Plectrum is that it uses some pretty incredible polyphonic note detection software that will provide real feedback on real instruments. In other words, by listening in through the iPad’s microphone, it’ll tell you if you’re playing the right notes on a real guitar. That’s tough for software to do anywhere, but on the iPad, it’s downright miraculous. You can also play right on the iPad’s touchscreen if you want.
There are some classical pieces to check out, or you can purchase real pop songs from the likes of The Beatles and others via in-app purchase. If you’re good at writing tabs, you can even put some of your own versions in, and if they’re chosen to be sold in the in-app store, you can earn a little money from them.
There are some concerns in the iTunes reviews about the interface, and as you can see above, it isn’t exactly user friendly. Those who know a little more about guitar music and tuning will probably get more out of it than a pure beginner. But the software is very powerful, and with a few updates, hopefully Miso will get together an interface that matches Plectrum’s potential. For those intrigued by the idea of getting some feedback from a tuner while playing, it’s definitely worth a look.