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Delta Airlines to install gate-area charging stations in 19 U.S. airports

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Delta Airlines is helping to make life a bit easier for travelers that hope to top off their batteries before getting onto a plane. Until now, fliers often had to scour the corners of gate areas to find an available outlet to scrounge some spare electrons. Last week, the world’s largest airline began installing charging stations in the gate areas of 19 U.S. airports. Delta plans to install two charging points at each gate, each of which has six 110 volt outlets and two USB ports.

In addition to the charging stations in the public gate areas, Delta is installing charging pads for phones and other smaller devices in Sky Club lounges. The upgrades are part of a $2 billion program to update Delta’s airport facilities and the stations should be in place by early 2011. Thankfully, given how Delta and other airlines have been nickel-and-diming passengers for everything from checked bags to food in recent years, the charging stations will be free of charge. Now if we could just do something about the security procedures before we get to the gate, flying would be a lot less painful.