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Developer stats say 90 percent of iOS device users run iOS 4.x

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ReadWriteWeb reports that according to two high profile app developers, around 90% of iOS device users are running iOS 4.0 or above. The first developer, Bump, says 89.73% of its users are on iOS 4.x, 10.25% are on iOS 3.x, and 0.02% of users are running iOS 2.x- the first iOS to support the App Store and third-party applications. Bump’s user-base is a very good indication of the iOS version breakdown, in general, with 25 million downloads across and iOS and Android.

The report also spoke to an engineer at Loopt (location-based social networking app) who says their figures are similar to Bump’s “but with even a little more of its users on iOS 4.” These new statistics represent how incredibly fragmented Android is as only 0.4% of Android users are running the latest release of the operating system. If any developers reading this want to share their iOS version breakdown, feel free to comment or contact us.