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Dropbox update brings back tabbed interface, adds bulk photo and video uploading

Screenshot by MacStories
The official Dropbox app for the iPhone and iPad has been updated to version 1.4. The release has brought out several new features, including the ability to finally upload multiple photos and videos from your camera roll to your Dropbox (finally!). Only one file uploads at a time, with others queued in the new Uploads column. Additionally, the Dropbox app now interacts with iOS via the Open In feature available in apps like iBooks, Mail and Safari. This is quite handy and we also love the redesigned interface on iPads. Another screenshot and more info right below the fold.
The iOS integration allows you to, for example, send the document or attachment you’re currently viewing in Mail or other app straight to the Dropbox app for uploading.
This works with any Apple or third-party application that supports the Open In feature. Upon receiving of the document, the Dropbox app will ask you to select the folder for upload. Couldn’t be easier. iPad owners will be delighted to know that Dropbox backpedaled and reverted to the original interface that puts the four buttons at the bottom: Uploads, Settings, Dropbox and Favorites.
This lets you switch between the files view, uploads and favorites in a snap. Dropbox version 1.4 is a universal download free of charge from the App Store.