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FAA approves Apple iPad for pilot flight charts

iPad used as flight charts
The FAA has given a thumbs up for a flight charter company to begin using the iPad in place of paper flight charts, making it much easier and more efficient for pilots to keep tabs on their flight charts while on the ground and in the air. Wiredreports:
The Federal Aviation Administration is allowing charter company Executive Jet Management to use Apple’s tablet as an approved alternative to paper charts.
Although this only applies to Executive Jet Management for now, the move will no doubt make waves in the aviation space as additional aviation companies adopt the iPad as a paper replacement. The iPad has been popular among pilots since it debuted last year but so far they’ve only been able to use it for reference and other unofficial tasks.
The charter company tested the iPad in 10 aircraft across 250 flights to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with sensitive electronic flight instruments onboard. They deemed the iPad “extremely stable” during testing without a single crash and added that if there ever were a system crash, the app could be up and running “in 4-6 seconds from re-launch to previous state”.
So even though the iPad 2 is about to take off, it looks like the original iPad has secured a solid place in the sky. Any pilots out there excited to hear this? Sound off in the comments below!