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FarFinder Reborn as Presence, Introduces Sharing and Universal iOS App

PresenceWhile most of us are still waiting for true cloud syncing to become a reality, Flying Mac has been looking inward — making it easy to access any Mac remotely with a slick piece of software called FarFinder. Over the weekend, the company released a major new update, rebranding the software as Presence.

Flying Mac has announced the immediate availability of Presence 2.6, which despite the modest-sounding version number is a major new update to the company’s former FarFinder product. Presence gives the user remote internet access to all of the files on your Mac, accessible from any web browser or the free iOS app — and now lets you share any of those files with others as well.

“Forget USB drives and file sharing services — all your files are available, all the time,” the company explains. “No copying files. No guessing what you might need later. For you, secure access to your whole Mac. For others, access just to the files you share.”

How does Presence work? First, you’ll need the $40 Mac software (updates for current users vary depending on how long you’ve owned it), which you install on the computer you want to access. Now you can connect from any web browser using a simple URL, where you can upload or download files (or even whole folders), email files to others, have a peek at what’s going on with your Mac’s camera and much more.

Presence 2.6 now adds the ability to share files on your Mac with others — forget about uploading to services such as Dropbox, you simply tell Presence which files you want to share and with whom, and send those people a simple URL for access. Want to share multiple files? No problem, Presence will download them in a convenient ZIP archive — and there’s no limit to how many shares you can create.

Finally, the former FarFinder iOS app has been updated as well and it’s finally universal, meaning you’ll get the same great experience on your iPad as you have from the iPhone/iPod touch version — simply update the app in iTunes and your old version will be replaced with the new Presence for iOS.

Not sure if Presence is for you? Download the Mac version and you’ll get a free 20-day trial so you’ll have plenty of time to bask in its goodness. Both Presence 2.6 for Mac and Presence 2.1.0 for iOS are now available, so give them a try!