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First major iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom gets reviewed

Android Central reviews the Motorola Xoom, the first Android Honeycomb tablet

First major iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom gets reviewed
While we were busy getting our big iPad 2 review posted, Android Central was knocking it out the park with a complete Android 3.0 Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom review. It’s bigger, it’s Google-ier, and it certainly has more logos on the bezel, but what did our sibling site think about it?
Android’s Honeycomb branch has some serious potential. But Android 3.0 is very much a Version 1.0 as far as its tablet OS is concerned. But the hardware Motorola has provided here is powerful (even with quad-core devices waiting in the wings), and we’re pretty sure the Xoom won’t die as a platform in a month or two. It’s solid, and Google’s going to use it to improve the Honeycomb experience.
If a 10-inch tablet’s the size for you, and you can put up with the weight, and the headaches Android apps catching up to the Honeycomb universe, and the Xoom’s LTE radio not yet working, and making do with the 32GB of internal storage while you wait for the microSD card to be activated, and can afford the price, by all means, purchase. You’ll be among the first in exciting new world of Android tablets, and the Xoom’s not likely to let you down. But if you’re looking for something a little more polished, lighter and (eventually) cheaper, you might just want to hold off a bit.
If you want the promise of LTE, an app marketplace not curated by Apple, a more desktop-like OS, and a tablet big enough to beat down an alien invasion, the Motoral Xoom might be a good alternative to iPad 2. Otherwise you might want to wait for an Ice Cream (or… Jello?) based tablet on 2nd generation hardware because you know it’s already in the pipeline (Google iterates faster than anyone else in the business right now.)
Check out the whole Motorola Xoom review and Phil Nickinson’s hands-on video at the link below!