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Fling iPad joystick now available in Apple Stores nationwide

If you find gaming on the iPad with a virtual joystick hard work, the Fling joystick may be just the solution. Apple seems to agree as it is now stocking Fling in Apple Stores nationwide.
The Fling joystick made by Ten One Design is a conductive joystick nub surrounded by an inner and outer plastic spiral; these allow the joystick to move within the rings which creates the feel of an analog stick. The Fling attaches to the iPad screen via the age old method of two tiny suction cups and allows you to replace the virtual joystick used in many iOS games.
This is interesting news as Apple doesn’t usually stock third party add-ons like this. It demonstrates that the touch screen is not the be all and end all for gaming interaction; which Apple would like us to believe. In this case, Apple acknowledge that some games are just better suited to a more physical interface.
I am picking one of these up as soon as I can, as it is definitely an area that I struggle with. My thumb is constantly slipping off the virtual stick when gaming and I know this will dramatically improve the experience!
Do any of our readers already have a Fling or plan on picking one up from an Apple Store? Let us know what you think in the comments!