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Forget-Me-Not Is A Retro Style Pac-Rogue-Like For iPhone And iPad

It’s sitting on my iPad just waiting for some playtime, but I picked up Forget-Me-Not by Nyarlu Labs by dint of this wonderfully pithy description courtesy of Touch Arcade: “the magical lovechild of Pac-Man and Rogue.”
I’m a huge fan of rogue-likes, but coming from a heritage of text input and computer terminals, their input mechanisms tend to be too complicated to translate to iOS.
That’s why I love the look of the approach taken here. Rogue-likes are traditionally RPGs at heart, but by marrying the spirit of Rogue — random levels, malevolent difficulty and permadeath — with the arcade trappings of Pac-Man, Naryu Labs appear to have created some sort of endlessly replayable Pac-Rogue mutation, in which your simplistic avatar explored ever-changing mazes, killing ghosts and collecting flowers, fruit and keys.
Very neat. Forget-Me-Not is a universal app and available on the App Store now for just $1.99.