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Foxconn lists requirements for making iPads in Brazil

Last month we reported that Foxconn was in ongoing talks to invest US$12 billion in building manufacturing facilities in Brazil that would be used for the production of iPads and iPhones. The Brazilian president said the the deal was under consideration, but it appears that nothing is set in stone yet. This weekend Brazilian paper Folha de São Paulo said that Foxconn has issued a list of requirements the Brazilian government would have to agree to before they commit to opining the new facility. Those requirements include:
  1. Large property to house more than one division of Foxconn.
  2. High speed Wi-Fi.
  3. Export priority shipping at São Paulo (and other unnamed) airports.
  4. Financial support from the Brazilian National Development Bank, BNDES.
  5. Government help in finding minority investors.
  6. Transportation and logistics that permit quick delivery of goods to and from Foxconn facilities.
  7. Office wired 100% with fiber optic cables.
As Macgasm points out, given that Foxconn is set to invest $12 billion in Brazil over the next five years, the list of requirements doesn’t seem unreasonable. Brazil for its part also has a wish list it hopes to get from Foxconn, all of which seem very reasonable as well:
  1. They want Foxconn to hire primarily Brazilian labor
  2. They want Foxconn to respect Brazilian labor laws which include a “13th salary” — or payment for a thirteenth month every year.
Let the negotiations begin!