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Get Quick and Easy iPad App Recommendations With Forage

Last Friday, Janko covered a cool little web app called Forage that taps into your Twitter account using the Hunch recommendation API to provide personalized YouTube playlists based on who you follow on Twitter. Today, there’s a version that recommends iPad apps, too.
Just navigate over to in your iPad’s mobile Safari web browser to get started. You’ll encounter a bare-bones site with a field for entering your Twitter username. All you need to do is enter your handle (no password required) and hit the “Go” button, and the app returns a list of 20 popular apps you might like, and 20 apps recommended “Just for you.”
Forage was created by Hunch co-founder Chris Dixon, and taps into the Hunch recommendation engine, which works by asking Twitter and Facebook users about their preferences and tastes. When you enter your Twitter name to get your app recommendations, Forage uses the Hunch data to make recommendations about apps based on the tastes of users known to Hunch that you’re connected to.
The app may be little more than just a rough tech demo at this point, but when I tried it out, it proved surprisingly accurate about the types of apps I’d like. And I tried a few different Twitter handles to make sure it wasn’t just serving up the most popular apps in a random order, too. I’ve tried and enjoyed about 80 percent of the apps on this list for my own personal account, and considered buying or downloading most of the others at one point or another. Then again, trying out apps is part of my job, so I’m curious to see what readers think about the recommendations Forage provides.
At any rate, it’s better than what I generally see in the App Store’s own Genius-based recommendations, which leaves me pretty excited about how existing apps and services might leverage the Hunch API to provide smarter, more personalized advice to users.