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Grilli intros iPad display film for glasses-free 3D

Grilli3D claims to have developed a protective film for iPad screens that will allow users to view certain types of 3D content without requiring special glasses. The film is said to achieve a high level of signal separation between the left and right signals, which are “column interlaced” as alternating vertical lines that are spread in radial rays around the screen.

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Although users should be able to find an optimum viewing angle, the company admits that a particular position and viewing distance must be maintained to properly view the 3D effect. The “pools” of signal separation are presented in a number of particular spots, however, which allows multiple users to simultaneously view 3D content.

Unfortunately, the current range of content that can be viewed using the Grilli film is limited to a few sample images and videos available from the manufacturer. The company does provide instructions for processing stereoscopic content via Photoshop or Final Cut Pro to be viewed in 3D on the iPad.

Grilli3D will release the iPad film in the near future for $30, while an iPhone and iPod touch variant is also on the way.