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Have an old iBook? Turn it into an iPad case

Gary Katz is at it again, this time gutting an old iBook and turning it into an iPad case. To create this one-of-a-kind case, Katz gutted the body of the iBook, then used a Dremel to remove anything left inside that was sharp or could put pressure on the iPad’s glass screen. Next he fastened some “soft fuzzy material” inside to line the case and removed the opaque Apple logo so that you could see the iPad’s screen through it. As you can see from the video below, the Apple logo’s space can be quite a head trip in this case if you leave something running on the iPad’s screen.
Sure, it might be a lot of work for an iPad case, but you can bet this has to be one of the stronger cases out there. Those old iBooks were built like bomb shelters. I literally dropped a 5-pound weight on mine one time, and there was hardly any damage to it, just a black smudge from the weight. Katz has made some other pretty cool Mac-related mods in the past, including this “antique” iPad case and this iPhone shoe box theater.