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Headrest mount for iPad by ViewSticks

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Hitting the road this holiday season with the kids? Already have a back seat mount for your iPhone but not for your iPad? You may want to check out this iPad Headrest Mount from ViewSticks. The mount attaches to the back of the front seat headrests and turns your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone into an entertainment system for the car. Easily removable to store or move into another car, the iPad Headrest Mount kit consists of 2 metal stands, 4 rubber bands, 2 suction cups, and 1 Storage Bag and is available now for US$19.95. BMW recently announced their own iPad integration that doesn’t look any better than this solution — and I imagine it’s a lot more than $20.

Granted, passengers could just hold their tablets or smartphones in their hands, but who wants to do that for the 6 hour trek to Grandma’s house? Considering that all I got on long trips with my parents was a coloring book and a healthy dose of “you kids stop fighting and stay on your own sides,” I would have loved it if my parents had hooked up iPads for us to pass the time with.