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How to connect your iPad to iPhone personal hotspot

Daily Tip: How to connect your iPad to iPhone personal hotspot
Curious how to connect your iPad, new iPad 2, or even an iPod touch to iPhone personal hotspot? Thanks to iOS 4.3 (or iOS 4.2.6 on the Verizon iPhone) if you have a tethering plan you can save $130 on an iPad 3G, get an iPad Wi-Fi, and jump on the internet pretty much anywhere you want. We’ll show you how after the break!
iOS 4..2.6 and iOS 4.3 lets iPhone 4 act as a Wi-Fi personal hotspot. In other words, it turns it into a tiny internet access point and mobile router. You can connect up to 3 devices to an AT&T/GSM iPhone and 5 devices to a Verizon iPhone — including the iPad. Here’s how:
  1. Turn on Wi-Fi personal hotspot on your iPhone 4
  2. On your iPad or iPad 2, launch Settings
  3. Tap Wi-Fi in the sidebar
  4. Tap iPhone 4 under Choose a Network…
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi Password shown on your iPhone 4
  6. Wireless Hotspot feature in iOS 4.3
  7. That’s it!
A small, distinctive interlink icon will show up instead of the usual Wi-Fi icon at the top left of the menu bar and you’ll know you’re connected. Just keep an eye on your iPhone 4 battery life and, if you have a data cap, your Tethered Data usage!
Bonus Tip: You can also connect one iPad or iPad 2 via Bluetooth. Just go to Settings: General: Bluetooth on your iPad and pair with your iPhone!
Bonus Tip 2: You can use this method for FaceTime over 3G because personal hotspot is treated as a Wi-Fi connection. (Yes, it makes no sense but it works.)