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How to quickly charge your iPad 2

Daily Tips: How to quickly charge your iPad 2
Wondering what’s the fastest way to charge iPad 2? Yes, it’s true — not all charging methods were created equal. If you’ve ever wanted to take your iPad out with you and only have a few minutes to spare before you have to leave this tip will help you get the most charge for of your device. Stick with us after the break to find out more!
The iPad 2 uses a lithium-polymer battery, which is also used in the iPhone, the Pod touch, and even Apple’s MacBook line of laptops. In the iPad 2’s case, the 25 watt hour lithium-polymer battery fills up most of the space inside, which is why it can last for 10 hours of surfing, listening to music or watching videos… provided it’s charged. Here’s how to get it that way as fast as possible.

10W USB Power Adapter

Apple includes a 10W USB to AC power adapter right in the iPad 2 box and this is the absolute faster way to charge your iPad 2. Just plug your 30-pin Dock cable into your iPad, plug the USB connector into the adapter, and plug the adapter into a wall socket. Apple even sells an extended adapter if you need it.

USB Port

Because iPad 2 needs a lot of power, it will only trickle-charge in a standard USB port (i.e. charge very slowly). Sometimes one port might be better than another, for example many laptops have some USB ports that are independently powered and others that share power. Try different ports until you find the one that works best.
Some laptops, like Apple’s MacBook Air which was designed to power an external DVD drive over USB, or the brand new MacBook Pros, have higher power USB ports that could charge faster.If your laptop has a high power USB port, that’s what you’ll want to use.

Car Adapters

If your car has a USB or AC port, follow the directions above and charge away. If you have a standard car port/cigarette lighter port, you’ll need a car adapter. Not all car adapters support iPad so make sure you get one that states it works with iPad 2. 

Battery packs

If you’re traveling a lot you might want to invest in a battery charger pack. For iPad 2, these are typically large packs that plug into the 30 pin Dock connector and transfer their charge to the iPad. Depending on the size of the battery pack, and they can offer anywhere from a partial to a full charge.

Check before you go

While iPads have up to a month of standby time that means the battery is still discharging over the course of that month. While no one here at TiPb can imagine going a few hours, much less a day or week without using our iPads, if you haven’t used yours in a while you’re going to want to check it well in advanced of leaving home. If it’s only got a little power left, charge at home with the AC adapter before you go!

Cycle the battery monthly

To give your iPad 2 battery the longest life possible you want to make sure you completely cycle it once a month. That means charging it to 100%, draining it down to 0 (until it automatically shuts off), and then charging it all the way to 100% again.
Hopefully this helps you keep your iPad charged. If you have any other tips on battery charging, let us know!