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How to stop an app download/install in iOS 4.3

Daily Tip: How to stop an app download/install
Started downloading a big game or navigation app and need to stop the install and delete the app? If you’re running the new iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you’ve now got the ability to do just that. Sure you could always pause a download and you still can but sometimes you might just want the app gone, gone, gone. We’ll show you how to do it after the break!
Under iOS 4.3 if you start a big app download you can now stop it, cancel the install, and delete the app without having to wait for it to finish first. You can do this with small apps as well but they’re usually so quick it doesn’t make a big difference. 500MB to 1.5GB downloads — big difference! Now if you just want to pause the download you can still tap the app to do just that (and tap it again to continue the download) but here’s how to nuke it completely:
  1. Tap and hold the icon (any icon really) to enter Jiggly mode.
  2. When the X badge appears in the top left corner of the app icon, tap it.
  3. A notice will pop up asking you to confirm the delete, tap to confirm.iOS 4.3 features: Cancel app download/install
  4. That’s it.
Yes, it’s identical to deleting an app after it’s installed but the difference is you no longer have to wait for the install to finish first. Pre-emptive deletion is ours at last!
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