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Illumination Software Creator intros v3 beta, adds iOS

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Radical Breeze has brought out the first public beta of its visual software creation program, Illumination. Version 3b1’s biggest single change is the new ability to build iPhone apps from the same “code-free” base that already creates apps for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Flash. The company promises that iPad support will be added in beta 2, and Windows Phone 7 support will be included in beta 3.

The program allows users to create apps by arranging blocks that describe the action desired in a flowchart-like design, then Illumination compiles the app itself. The program can output code in Adobe Flex, Android Java or Python. For the iPhone, the project is output as an XCode project using Objective-C and the iOS SDK.

Illlumination Software Creator sells for $50 and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, and new buyers will receive the final v3 software when complete. The first public beta of v3 is available here.