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Internet Tethering coming to iPad?

Although Steve Jobs told a Swedish DJ that internet tethering (iPhone’s connection used for a WiFi iPad, in this case) wouldn’t be coming to the iPad, beta 2 of iOS 4.2 for iPad tells a different story. Hidden within the APN network settings on the iPad 3G  is a new section dedicated to internet tethering. This tethering appears to be the type of tethering iPhones currently use versus tethering the iPhone’s internet to an iPad.
This section asks for the usual username and password to setup internet tethering, and this is similar to what the iPhone had before tethering got an official iOS interface. Because of this, we believe that internet tethering is in the iPad’s future and may even launch with iOS 4.2 in November.
One important thing to note is that we could not replicate this new settings pane on an iPad 3G running on AT&T’s network. This screenshot is from an iPad 3G running on 3′s network in Europe.
Thanks, Anton!