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iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 state of the Jailbreak

Will I be able to Jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 when it launches? That’s a question on a lot of user’s minds. We already know the jailbreak community is working towards an iOS 4.3 jailbreak. What we “do” know is that a tool won’t go official until iOS 4.3 is out of beta and in the hands of consumers. Most of the reason behind this is so Apple doesn’t patch it in a last minute update.
Where the iPad 2 is concerned, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the solution they’re currently working towards will definitely jailbreak the iPad 2. According to @p0sixninja, one of the main contributors of greenpois0n, they are hoping the SHAtter exploit will still be a viable solution on the iPad 2 as well.