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iPad 2 exclusive to US from April to July, others to follow? Malaysia should get ‘lucky’ by Dec 2011.

The iPad 2 is likely to be officially announced at a keynote event sometime in February 1st, next month. But, this could be all smoke and mirrors, courtesy of Digg founder, Kevin Rose.
What is more probable is the actual availability date, either April 2nd or April 9th. The iPad 2 will then sell “US-only for three months, and Apple Store-only for up to half a year“. What this means is, unless you’re in the US, or you have friends over there to queue up and get one for you, you’re pretty much out of luck and the wait continues…
“In July, more countries will follow.” This would follow the same release timeline of the original iPad last year, which would include countries such as UK, Italy, Germany, Japan and the likes of it. For obvious reasons, these are the primary and hot markets that Apple would then target following the US launch.
“Walmart, Best Buy and Co. maybe have to wait until October until they are allowed to sell Apple’s new tablets.” This is the final timeline for the official supply of the iPad 2. It would cover most of the other third party retailers in the US such as Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, Walmart etc.
The remaining nternational countries would then follow suit. Those that are least important to Apple, in terms of market share. And also a venue for them to ‘offload’ the excess stock. Unfortunately, that includes Malaysia as well – December 2011.