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iPad 2 (GSM) is unlocked in most markets, SIM-card slot is on the top left side

Since the iPad 2′s launch on March 2nd many have wondered whether or not the 3G GSM model would be unlocked and many have also wondered where the SIM card slot is.
Due to the iPad 2′s very thin design many have figured it would be difficult for Apple to actually place the SIM card slot on the device’s side. According to people familiar with the iPad 2 the SIM card slot is on the top-left of the device.
The interesting part about this news is that early iPad 2 cases featured a “mystery port” on the left side of the device. This also shows why some cases had this port and others did not.
Additionally, the GSM version of the iPad 2 will be unlocked in most markets. No word on which markets will have unlocked versions, but we will most likely know the answer to that for the U.S. on March 11th and internationally in late March.