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Element Case Joule Chroma iPad stand works with iPad 2

We’ve covered the Element Case Joule iPad stand several times here on TUAW, even giving away some specially-made TUAW-logoed stands to several of our readers. Now Element Case has partnered with us again to introduce the new Joule Chroma line of iPad stands, and yes, we will be giving one away.
The Chroma line comes in six bright colors — orange, red, blue, pink, grey, and black — and there’s even a matching Ultrasuede liner to caress your iPad. The Joule stand is set up with rubber pads at the bottom to keep it from sliding across smooth surfaces as you tap on the iPad screen, and the tilt foot magnetically attaches to one of three ports to adjust the angle at which the iPad sits. Finally, there’s a speaker port so your tunes aren’t muffled when the iPad is nestled in the stand in portrait mode.
The Joule Chroma isn’t for everyone; at US$149.99, it’s definitely a luxury item. And you probably don’t want to use it with the Smart Cover installed, as you’ll want to use this when you’re using the iPad 2. But if you’re looking for a very classy and well-made machined aluminum product with which to prop up your iPad, the Joule Chroma is a heck of a choice.