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iPad channel inventory dries up

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Apple has stopped production of the original iPads and cut of supplies to the channel. We are getting reports that global retailers are no longer able to get their hands on iPads. We’ve been told that this indicates Apple have halted production of 1st gen iPads and ceased shipments.

MB292LL/A – iPad 16GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MB293LL/A – iPad 32GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MB294LL/A – iPad 64GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MC349LL/A – iPad 16GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

MC496LL/A – iPad 32GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

MC497LL/A – iPad 64GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

The retailers we’ve talked to say that they only have what is currently on the shelves and could be sold out today or tomorrow – which sounds exactly right.

[Via 9to5 Mac]