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iPad competitors considering delays in the face of tepid market reception?

iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Optimus Pad vs. Galaxy Tab 10 vs TouchPad vs BlackBerry Playbook -- Spec wars!
The Motorola Xoom launched to sales that were okay but not breakthrough, the BlackBerry Playbook has gotten hopeful though mixed reviews, and now Digitimesreports other would-be iPad 2 competitors may be getting cold feed.
But sales of Xoom tablet PCs have been lower than expected, said sources at Taiwan’s notebook makers, citing brand image, pricing, insufficient applications and the unstable performance of Android 3.0 as reasons for the doldrums. […] With Google unable to offer sufficient support to cooperation partners at present, many players have decided to delay the launch of Android 3.0 tablet PCs, the sources added.
Last year we debated whether Apple had created a mainstream tablet market, or simply an iPad market, and whether tablets would end up being like iPods with Apple dominant, or like Smartphones with many players in contention. It’s far, far too early to tell but it is telling that a year post-iPad launch the competition is still feeling their way out the of gate. (If not entirely flummoxed as Steve Jobs suggested at the iPad 2 event.)
We know some of you are considering the PlayBook, an Android Honeycomb tablet, or an HP/Palm TouchPad, what do you make of the struggle to get a strong competitor to market?