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iPad Helps Capture Robbery Suspect In West University, Texas

Earlier this week, ABC 13 Action News in Houston, Texas reported that an unnamed West University woman was robbed in front of her house. An iPad owned by the woman was used to locate the robbery suspect.
The woman was robbed at gunpoint while placing her child into her car. The robbery suspect took her jewelry and iPhone.
She used Find My iPhone on her iPad to help the police locate the stolen iPhone. The app which is famous for solving crimes targeted a southeast Houston address where 46-year-old Charles E. Hall and the stolen iPhone were located. He was arrested by West University police just two hours after the robbery took place.

The arrest and subsequent investigation by police led to the solving of additional robberies. Find My iPhone used to be an exclusive part of a $99 per year MobileMe subscription, but now it is free. If you don’t have it — get it now. You might be glad you did.