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iPad officially launches in Malaysia.

Tuesday, Nov 30th: Today, the phenomenal Apple iPad finally hit the store shelves of Malaysian retailers, officially of course. As we have previously predicted back in November 14th, we got that right. Ok, moving on…
News of this came with mixed feelings as the iPad was originally unveiled back in April this year. With 3 weeks of the launch, third party resellers are beginning to carry them locally – and not to mention moving ‘truckloads’ of it out of our door due to the immense hype surrounding it.
And now, seven months later, it is officially here … too little too late. At least for some of us.
Rumors has already been spreading around that the iPad 2 is due to be unleashed sometime April of 2011, with additional features and aesthetic form factor over it’s predecessor.
In fact, for most of us who’s hankering after an iPad, we would have already gotten one anyway. For those of you who’ve indeed waited this long to officially get one, take a look at the pricings below:
iPad with Wi-Fi
Connect to the Internet wherever you can access a Wi-Fi hotspot.
16GB – RM1549
32GB – RM1849
64GB – RM2149
iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G
Connect to the Internet at Wi-Fi hotspots and a cellular network when you’re on the go.
16GB – RM1999
32GB – RM2299
64GB – RM2599
Let the queuing begins.