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iPad run over by a PT Cruiser, lives to tell the tale

We see a lot of examples of how Apple products can withstand abuse, but one of the more dramatic examples showed up in the TUAW inbox this afternoon.
Reader Aaron sent us a link to a YouTube video (on the next page) demonstrating how an iPad belonging to a fellow employee handled being run over by the front and rear wheels of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. As the video shows, the iPad was in the standard Apple Case and the front glass was crushed quite extensively. However, the Home button still worked and the rest of the components in the display were totally functional. The touchscreen still responded to gestures, and the accelerometer responded by rotating the screen.
We don’t recommend driving over your iPad to test the durability (duh!), but isn’t it good to know that it can handle this kind of abuse and still work? Enjoy the video.