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iPad set to replace restaurant menus and reduce staff

Stacked Restaurant chain is going to use the iPad to enable customers to order their food at the table, reducing the need and cost of waitress service. The new restaurant chain is set to open their first restaurant in Southern California in May, with two more to follow.
An iPad will sit on each table within a metal framed stand and provide customers with the choice of what goes in their burgers, pizzas and salads. They can select the type of buns, meat, toppings etc by clicking and dragging icons on the touchscreen. The resultant menu choice will be viewable on the iPad screen when complete. Diners can also pay for their food via the iPad.
Co-founder Paul Motenko said, “We’re not going to market it as an iPad restaurant.” When Stacked founders first considered a concept with guests creating their own meals and ordering them on tabletop devices, the iPad didn’t yet exist. iPads were the breakthrough.”
Should anyone wish to walk away with the iPad on their table, an alarm system will sound as soon as it is taken outside; similar to the system used in stores today.
The iPad is being used in many different situations, we have recently seen them it in the New York Plaza, offering a concierge experience as well as in Grand Central Terminal being used as a cash register. Not sure if Apple envisaged such uses for the iPad but it is only going to become more widespread.
Have you seen the iPad being used in any other stores or restaurants? Let us know in the comments!