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iPad Simulator Built in HTML and JS

Alex Wolkov has created an impressive iPad simulator using just HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The simulator is still being developed; however, Wolkov already has a lot working.

Things that work:
● Moving Screens left and right with “spring” effect
● Dock icons have css3 “reflection” ;)
● All icons have css3 rounded corners and shadow similar to Ipads
● Search works almost identically to the ios. (using modified jquery live-search )
● Lock screen effect with returning lock
● Home button works (exits apps, goes to first page, return from sleep mode,exits edit mode)
● Sleep button puts iPad in sleep mode
● Edit Mode: click and hold on any app for 2 seconds to enable edit mode
● – Edit mode icons shake in chrome (using css animation)
● – Move apps from place to place in edit mode
● – Move apps to another page
● – Move apps to dock
● – Delete Apps
● Multitasking: launch any app, and it’s in the background
● – multitask bar opens on double homescreen click
● – 3D (only safari and webkit nightly) switch between open and wanted mutitask app
● – remove app from multitask by editing the multitask bar (hold and hold for 2 sec.)

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The source code can be found here.