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iPhone and iPad win Display of the Year honors

Those of us who use the iPhone 4 and iPad know how amazing the displays on the devices are. The iPhone 4, with its Retina Display, never ceases to impress those who are familiar with less capable smartphone screens, and the iPad’s touchscreen has revolutionized computing.
Now the Society for Information Display has joined the chorus of people praising the displays on the two devices. On May 16 at SID Display Week 2011 in Los Angeles, the group presented Apple with the Display of the Year Gold Award for the Retina Display and the Display Application of the Year Gold Award for the iPad.
As reported on The Loop, SID noted that “the 640×960-pixel Retina display set a new benchmark for mobile display resolution, low power consumption and image quality.” The group also listed technical advancements introduced in the Retina Display, including a “customized LTPS TFT backplane with organic passivation and optimized pixel design” and an “advanced IPS compensation polarizer technology for high contrast (800:1) and color consistency regardless of viewing direction.”
The Society for Information Display was somewhat less technical and more ecstatic in their plaudits for the iPad, noting that “The iPad marks a new era of tablet computing, transforming the way people communicate, consume and create content, play games and learn.” The group also found the display’s power efficiency, allowing up to 10 hours of battery life for WiFi web surfing, to be solid grounds for the award the iPad received. Congrats to Apple on yet another award, and we’re sure the next display Apple uses will be just as excellent.