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Juicies: A colorful Kickstarter project with the Earth in mind

Kickstarter has been a wonderful way for entrepreneurs to get the money they need to fund a project, and we’ve seen our share of successful — that is, fully funded — projects here at TUAW as well as some that have been flops.

A few weeks ago on Earth Day, we received notice of a rather plain product with a different twist. Hawaii-based designer Laurens Laudowicz wasn’t happy with the poor quality of some third-party iPhone and iPad charge/sync cables, and he found himself using a pen to mark cables to figure out which were usable with his iPad and which were not.

The result? Laurens started obsessing about cables, and decided to create something different. His Juicies cables all work with the higher wattage iPad, they’re made of sustainable materials, and they come in ten different colors instead of the usual white or black. Want red, green, orange, or blue cables? You’ve got ’em, and four more colorful options in addition to black and white.

The project was fully-funded in just three days on Kickstarter. The funding period ends on May 23, and Laurens is hoping to use any extra funding that may accrue for some other ideas he has up his sleeve.