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Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

There are hundreds of iPad stands available on the market, but until a few weeks ago none of them managed to stay on my desk for more than two days. Not even Apple’s own dock for iPad, which is a $29 tiny piece of plastic that could work as a stand to hold the iPad upright, but only works in portrait mode. In the past three weeks, however, I’ve been using the Just Mobile UpStand for iPad and haven’t really looked back to find another solution.
The UpStand is an elegant and simple product to hold your iPad in landscape and portrait modes — there’s not really much else to say about it, but read along past the break to see why I decided to use the UpStand as my iPad stand of choice.
The UpStand is made of aluminum and it’s a perfect fit for your iPad at 5.9 x 5.9 x 7.0 in. It doesn’t waste too much space on your desk (unlike other stands I’ve tried) and it’s a very solid design. As you can see in the photos, it doesn’t require any complicated setup / adjustment to start holding your iPad at a comfortable viewing angle. Indeed, the best part about the UpStand in my opinion is the fact that it’s got just the right height that — both in landscape and portrait — allows you to easily check out weather info, Twitter or a Youtube video on the iPad. I’ve been using it next to my iMac and MacBook Pro and I found it to perform equally well in both configurations. Especially next to my 21-inch iMac the UpStand worked as a great solution with the iPad as a second monitor.
Some users will surely be disappointed over the lack of tilt-adjustment and any kind of off-angle turning capability; honestly, the UpStand provides an optimal height for me lifting the iPad around 2 inches off a desk’s surface. But then again, if you really need the maximum customization from a stand that lets you tweak and adjust its height and angles, you might want to look for a product other than the UpStand. It just works for me.

Just Mobile’s UpStand has two rubber grips that will keep the tablet firm in its position. Like I said it can hold the device in both orientations, but I prefer the landscape view as it’s better for additional monitor purposes and, generally, offers a broader view of applications. The apps I’ve used the most with the iPad placed in the UpStand were Twitter, DisplayPad, Dayboard and Screens. Fortunately, Just Mobile placed a rubber grip under the main circular base as well.
Overall, I think the UpStand is simply a great product because of its build quality and beautiful design. It’s a piece of aluminum that will keep your iPad in place, in any orientation. Head over Just Mobile’s website for more information and purchase.