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Linking iPhone, iPad contacts for unified info

Daily Tip: How to link iPhone, iPad contacts for unified info
Using both MobileMe and Gmail, or Google Accounts and Exchange, or any mix of multiple accounts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and curious how to reduce the clutter by linking them into a single, unified entry? It’s easy to do, provided the contacts meet a few simple formatting criteria. We’ll show you how, after the break!
Let’s say you have a colleague who’s also a friend. You have his home contact information syncing with MobileMe and his business details syncing in Exchange. It’s handy to keep them separate in theory but it’s annoying to have them that way on your iPhone or iPad in practice. Here’s how you can link the contacts to unify the entry:
  1. Make sure you’ve set up more than one account on your device
  2. Make sure the accounts are setup to sync contact
  3. Make sure both accounts have the same contact (i.e. if the contact is only in one account, even if it’s duplicated in one account, you can’t link them — you have to have the same contact in two or more different accounts)
  4. Make sure the first and last name is identical names. Edit to remove minor variations if you have to (i.e. initial vs. first name).
  5. Select the first of the two contacts
  6. Tap edit
  7. Scroll to the bottom
  8. Tap Link Contact (iPhone) or the silhouette icon (iPad)
  9. Select the second contact
  10. Tap link
  11. That’s it, they’re linked!
You now have a single, linked contact and Unified Info will be shown on the top bar to remind you when you view it.
If you want to unlink a contact:
  1. Select the unified contact you want to unlink
  2. Tap edit
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Tap the red circle
  5. Tap the read unlink button to confirm
  6. And they’re unlinked
Bonus Tip: If you have one account set up on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and then add another, iOS will automatically link any accounts that have identical names — so you may already have linked accounts.
If you have any other cool contact tips to share with us, drop them in the comments!