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Location Fix For iPad: Fix ‘Locate Me’ Feature On iPad

photo Location Fix For iPad: Fix Locate Me Feature On iPad
New day, new tweak in Cydia: Location Fix for iPad. If you have OpenSSH on your iPad, you might have noticed that the locate-me feature in Maps and elsewhere does not work. Your iPad is not broken, but may be conflicting with OpenSSH.
This ‘fix’ will adress the problem by restarting the location-services daemon on each reboot. This is a workaround until the conflict with OpenSSH is further investigated.
NOTE: The locate-me feature will work again only after you reboot your iPad. You MUST reboot.
NOTE: There are no icons or settings for this package. It works behind the scenes and it’s iPad ONLY
You can download Location Fix for iPad for free from Cydia via BigBoss repo…