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Malaysia iPad 2 to launch this weekend!

Malaysia to launch iPad 2 this weekend! Yes… it is coming this coming Friday 29th April 2011. We received an info from an anonymous reader and reconfirmed it with some Apple Retailers. It is coming this week end!
For those who’ve been waiting or planning to buy in Singapore this month end. You can hold back and buy it in Malaysia. We was told that the first badge will arrive probably this Friday and will be out on Apple retail stores probably this week end. They have limited stock inventory so for those who want to grab one, make sure you stay tuned with the updates from these major Apple Retailers in Malaysia. 

Stay tuned as we will be posting more on the iPad 2 pricing.

UPDATE : Second badge of iPad 2 most probably will be arriving to Malaysia at the first week of May. Let’s say end of first week of May? So latest by second week of May they will have the second badge iPad 2 in the outlets. Enjoy the queue!

Let us know if you’ve managed to bought one!

UPDATE 2 : Pricing available here!