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McAfee: Apple iPad, iPhone targets for cybercrime in 2011

The McAfee Threat Predictions report has stated that Apple’s platforms, particularly its mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad will be increasingly targeted by cybercrime in 2011. The report noted a marked change in the threat landscape over the past year as mobile platforms have become more widely adopted in enterprise. It claims that where Apple has been relatively free of botnets and Trojans in the past, that these will become an increasingly common occurrence on its platforms next year.

It will not only be Apple’s devices that will be targeted, but other mobile platforms too as this is not an area where threat prevention solutions have been instituted. This leaves most mobile devices “fertile ground” for cyber criminals seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities. Users face particular threats from apps from markets that are unsupervised, such as Google’s Android Market, which will enable malicious applications to access user data.

New media such as the Google TV, and social websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are also vulnerable. McAfee noted a move toward application-controlled botnets this year and expects this trend to continue, as social media app deployment becomes increasingly the norm. The report asks, “Will this be the year of mobile botnets controlled via a downloaded app?