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Midnight Inbox Touch – Get Things Done. Beautifully.

Today Midnight Beep Softworks released a major update to Midnight Inbox™ Touch, a GTD app for iPad. Midnight Inbox™ Touch is a professional-grade GTD productivity app and it’s now $9.99, compared to Thing’s $19.99 and OmniFocus ($39.99). The total system for an iPhone, iPad, and a Mac is only $35. There’s even a free version for Mac, Inbox Classic, if you want to save a few bucks and use an older version.

Midnight Inbox Touch 2.0 steps you through your Collected Notes one by one and assists in emailing, delegating, planning, and filing of your ideas, is not to be missed. Not only are all your actions, items, and notes presented in a clean and carefully designed environment, Inbox also provides helpful features to stay focused on your goals and your mindfulness. Inbox Touch’s Reviewing and Doing popover have sorting and filtering features to painlessly keep you on top of your world. You don’t need to know anything about GTD to get started using Midnight Inbox™. And because Apple’s iPad is so powerful, desktop class task management is now possible on a mobile device. Inbox helps you work in the real world, too! Delegate a task to someone else via email and keep track of it until it is done. Copy lists out of Inbox into any application; copy a list from an email into the Organize popover and Inbox will parse it for you into actions. See all of your upcoming items all in one Reviewing popover.
Midnight Inbox seems like a nice alternative to people who are still shopping around for a GTD solution that haven’t forked out the cash for Things or OmniFocus. You do need to understand the Getting Things Done methodology of David Allen if you want to use this app and understand all the fine details in this software suite. The Mac and iPhone versions are very close to being done as well, so your data management and workflow will be shared with all versions — desktop, tablet, and mobile – your own beautiful GTD ecosystem.
Midnight Beep Softworks is not only promising licensed Midnight Inbox for Mac users a free copy of Inbox 2, but also promo codes to the iPad and iPhone version for free. Want to know more, visit the Midnight Inbox site.