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MobileMe Photo and Video Sharing Pulled From iPad 2?

As noted by iLounge, it appears that among the functionalities of the iPad 2 announced yesterday there is the notable lack of photo and video sharing through MobileMe. The device has two cameras capable of shooting photos, videos, do video calling with FaceTime and apply effects in Photo Booth, but there was no mention of MobileMe media sharing and Apple’s website confirms you’ll only be able to upload HD video to Youtube, or share via email.
Obscured by the many iPad 2-related announcements yesterday, Apple failed to make any mention of MobileMe-based video or photo uploading during its media event. A quick scan of Apple’s iPad 2 mini-site shows that no references are made to sharing photos or videos via MobileMe, although the service is still mentioned by name in references to synchronization and location-based services.
Recent rumors suggested Apple is working on a major revamp of MobileMe, which is reportedly becoming a digital-only, free service with access to cloud backups for music and movies and social / location features. Code references found in iOS 4.3 also pointed to a new MediaStream service built in iOS devices to (likely) share photos and videos with your friends through MobileMe.
But, then again, the lack of MobileMe sharing in the iPad 2 camera app might just be a last-minute removal from the  iOS 4.3 built demoed to journalists in San Francisco yesterday, and perhaps will be integrated again come the final release on March 11. Or maybe Apple is planning more surprises for the iPad 2 on March 11? We’ll see.