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Monitor Japanese news with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you have loved ones, friends, or colleagues affected by the Japanese earthquake, you may want to install the free NHK WORLD TV Live application on your iOS device and take your news on-the-go.
NHK WORLD TV offers English-language updates (you will hear other languages as well) around the clock, produced by Japan’s single public broadcasting service.
According to the application write-up, broadcast quality will depend on the way you connect to data service, automatically adjusting to Wi-Fi and 3G connections. When we tested the application this morning, it did take a little while for the streaming to get started. Please be patient with the application. Thanks to Alan for the tip.
If you are an English speaker currently in Japan, James Van Dyne from Sugoi Software in Japan has generated free coupon codes for stranded travelers who need a Japanese/English dictionary. We ask that you respect the situation that these codes have been offered under. If you are not a traveler in Japan, please do not redeem them — there are a limited number and Sugoi cannotgenerate more.