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New Cosmo iPad app lean on articles, heavy on pics & sex

A new  iPad app for Cosmopolitan magazine, expected to debut later this week, drops the pretense that women read it for the articles: it features an interactive sex quiz with men groaning and lots of pics of shirtless guys.
Fashion bible Women’s Wear Daily got their hands on the magazine app featuring hot hunks and steamy sex advice to find that the $2.99 new app, called “The Showcase Edition,” contained only two articles.
Instead, there’s an interactive feature, already a favorite with magazine staffers, called “Decode His Bedroom Sounds,” which promises to help women understand what a “load moaner” really means — and whether she’s got one — by emitting what was described as “unholy sounds.”

There were about two articles available on the iPad app, the rest of the content was shirtless men and signature Cosmo quizzes like “Are you a gutsy chick?”
Given the wholesome catalog iTunes wants to offer clients this app — like that shirtless belly-bouncing game— would seem to push that envelope. But Cosmo isn’t worried that Apple will have a problem with male nudity and the general raunchiness of the app.
“No, we don’t cross any line like that,” said editor in chief Kate White. “The guiding principle we had was: We’re a mainstream magazine.”
Cosmo is already present on the iTunes store with a number of apps, including one called Sex Position of the Day.