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Optimal Hunting? There’s an App for That

Selling itself as the first app to help hunters find their prey, iHunt Journal may also be on target for controversy.
iHunt Journal, approved by Apple for use by anyone over the age four because it contains no objectionable material, calls itself the “ultimate all-in-one hunting app:”
Whether your focus is on planning your next hunt based on weather and solunar periods, keeping a trophy gallery and hunting journal, or statistics and research of your past hunts, this is the application you need.
While there are plenty of birdwatching apps that work much along the same principle as well as scats and tracks apps , hunting calendar apps and animal call apps that may help hunters, this one essentially aims to optimize killing.
Developer Michael Kircher Software Development and Consulting describes how the new app fills a need in the presser:
“Hunters are constantly searching for ways to be more successful. For example, deer hunters try to predict where their next big buck is hiding and under which weather, wind, even sun and moon conditions it would travel to search for food. For this hunters often research their past hunts and study forecasts to find patterns in environment and game behavior. They combine information and make an informed decision where and when to go hunting.”
After the recent massive protests and removal of  “gay cure” app from Christian group Exodus International, Apple declared that apps found “offensive to large groups of people” will be removed from the store. If this one lives up to its claims for hunters, it may hit a sore spot with some customers.
iHunt Journal is currently offered in the sports category of the iTunes store at 50% off, $3.99, through April 14.