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Original iPads Begin to Sells Out?

Despite assurances that the international launch of the iPad 2 is still on schedule, demand continues to outstrip supply in the U.S. Lines are still common at Apple Retail Stores, which are now holding iPad 2 stock until the next day to make it easier for prospective buyers to line up. Meanwhile, the Apple Store online has pushed shipping times back to between four and five weeks. For those who just want any iPad, original models have been selling with a shipping time of 24 hours, but that may soon be changing.
As of right now, the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad is not available from the clearance section of the Apple Store online, though the front page of the Apple Store still lists prices starting at $399. All other original iPad models are still available at reduced pricing. The 16 GB Wi-Fi model is also currently not for sale refurbished, either, but all other models are.
AT&T, which is also selling original 3G iPads at a discount, is also seeing its stock depleted, with only the 64 GB 3G model currently available for sale. That one is going for $529, far less than the $729 at the Apple Store, or even the $629 Apple is asking for the 32 GB model. Don’t expect AT&T’s stock to hold out for much longer.
Apple has almost certainly ceased manufacturing of new original iPads and shifted efforts entirely to getting iPad 2s in the hands of customers, so if you want a new iPad — any iPad — in the next few weeks, now may be your last chance to get a first generation model and a discount.